Finding your own Style

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about my own personal style and trying to pin it down to something specific. This proved to be really hard seeing as I’m someone who dresses around my mood for most of the year, except in winter when I dress to be warm. But none of this seemed good enough to post about. I felt as though I was lost in my own representation of what I wanted to look like and even though you could argue that clothes don’t make the man, which I do agree with, I think I put pressure on myself to find my own style and to find it quickly. So I looked into the capsule wardrobe, I’ve looked into French fashion, I’ve obviously experimented in Korean trends but nothing seemed to fit me quite right. And I guess that’s part of the journey. I thought a lot about what makes me comfortable, in the sense of , what do I feel most comfortable wearing and more often than not it’s an all black outfit. Whether it be something casual, something smart, something grungy, it always revolved around wearing something black.


Topshop Joni Jeans, Jaju Scarf, Jeff’s Jacket from Uniqlo & Boots from Caterpillar


As you may well know, my friend Jeff and I take a lot of photos for this blog as well as my Instagram page, and quite often as I go through the photos, they seem to inspire a lot of the blog posts instead of the other way around. And I guess that’s not surprising that style inspires me as I would like to write more about fashion on this blog. But I also realised through the countless photo shoots and outfit changes, that I’m quite drawn towards a more androgynous look. There’s something about the masculinity, about the oversized fit, the comfort and the effortless feel as though you haven’t thought about it at all that makes me love it even more. Because most times I’ve worn men’s clothing or have purchased something from the men’s section in a store I didn’t think much about it. It was more a case of Yup, I like that! I’ll take it instead of going into fitting rooms and checking that the pieces fit my shoulders just right. They were sort of no brainer purchases. There was something so easy about it, so truly effortless that it made me think that this is the section to look through in a store, because these are the pieces I have become more comfortable in.


I love everything about this Levi’s T-shirt which I also found in their men’s section. It’s a size small so it fits a little bit baggy on me which is just what I wanted. I can’t stand T-shirts that are tight fitting as I feel it contradicts the whole vibe of a T-shirt itself so this one is perfect for me. I don’t think anyone looking at it would say Is that a man’s top you’re wearing? Because is there really such a thing as a man’s T-shirt and a woman’s T-shirt? A T-shirt is a T-shirt. So don’t be afraid to look in the men’s section for clothes. You can literally wear anything you want. It’s 2017.


Zara Z1975 Jeans, Levi’s Top and Jaju Scarf

The last look I’m going to show you is probably my favourite one for this season. It’s perfect for a mild winter’s day and requires no effort at all. All of these looks have zero effort put into them and require a minimal thought process which is a godsend as I am constantly worrying about what outfits I can throw together to feature in a blog post or an Instagram photo. So much of what I do for this blog requires planning of outfits and wardrobe mania that’s it’s been such a relief to throw on Jeff’s clothes and feel proper comfortable in them, like they were mine to begin with.



There was something about this coat though, something nostalgic. It reminded me of my grandfather and what I would call his own personal style. I’ll forever remember him in his trousers, a white shirt and a coat quite similar to this with a cigarette at hand. And I think that’s why I love this outfit so much. Sometimes what we wear is more than the outward aesthetic, sometimes we’re carrying memories as we go, we’re carrying feelings and that shapes our own style and how we carry ourselves. I’ve never felt more confident in an outfit.


Zara Z1975 Jeans, INDIBRAND Black High Neck, Jeff’s Coat from HUM, Gloves from Uniqlo & Adidas Court Vantage Trainers

Thank you so much for Reading! I hope you enjoyed this post ❤

Photography by Jeff Simone



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