The Winter Uniform

So it’s that time of year when I go back to my old faithful pieces that I know will keep me warm and snug this winter. Creativity seems to have left my soul as my standard winter uniform is more practical than it is exciting. Though I would love to walk around the city in my imaginary black high heeled sock boots and my camel wool coat, the icy cold winter has got me sporting a different kind of look. My go to winter uniform is a variation, mainly in colour, of the same outfit. It’s really casual and practical for the everyday and that’s why I keep on wearing it. I would love to challenge myself out of this look but when you’re walking home at night and the snow starts falling, no-one cares what you’re wearing. It’s all about getting warm and staying warm. Here are my go-to winter pieces.

Side Note –  All of these outfits are worn with thermal leggings and vests from Uniqlo. Oh, and like two pairs of socks! Just so that I won’t die here.


I think I bought 2 pairs of jeans this year, both from Zara and I only have 1 pair left. Suffice it to say, they’re are not an investment, but they were good while they lasted. I think I finally understood the appeal of blue wash denim as that’s what I wore for the majority of the year, but there’s something about a black skinny during winter that just feels right. It must be the ever so slimming silhouette to contrast my bulky top half of the thickest knits and the heaviest of coats. Either way, denim is my go to during winter season as I can’t imagine anyone wearing trousers or skirts at -10 degrees Celsius.


The amount of pieces I wear on a daily basis is ridiculous but perfectly justifiable seeing as it is currently 0 degrees as I’m writing this. My base layer is always thermal and light which keeps me warm without weighing me down. The second layer is usually a roll neck or crew neck of sort, always black and forever simple, but this just seals in any warmth from the thermal layer.

Then we move on to the more chunky pieces, the ones that do most of the work in ensuring my mobility throughout the day and provides the warmth that I need. I’ve got three or four sweaters currently on rotation and that’s what I’ve been living in since November. They are all really comfortable and make me feel rather cozy wearing them.  I wouldn’t say they are flattering by any means and my colour selection now seems questionable, I just can’t for the life of me think why I never purchased a black one!

Jackets & Coats

If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate with moderate winters then leather jackets all day every day. I miss the days I could wear a jacket and that would be enough. I have one recollection of me actually wearing my leather jacket in Korea and that was in the Spring. Blazers are out the window too. It’s not like I didn’t get my fair share of wear out of them this fall but I sure do miss a light over piece.


On to the heaviest of coats ever made, this Zara parka weighs a ton! After a few months, my body gets pretty tired of wearing such a heavy piece. But with all that said, it’s the best investment I’ve made. It’s just enough to carry me through Seoul’s winter without spending money on a down jacket. The jacket can hold many layers under it which is great because it doesn’t give off as much heat as a down jacket would, obviously. Like I said, I wear a lot of pieces on the daily, and I’m not even done yet.



Scarves are your best accessory and gloves are a must! Albeit not the prettiest of accessories but they keep my hands really warm so I’m not complaining. I make sure all of my bases are covered, literally, especially my hands, feet, neck and my ears. But seeing that I am in Korea, covering my nose with a mask does seem extremely practical at the minute. So don’t be surprised if you see me sporting this look in my photos!

hanok village (5)


So that’s it for my winter uniform, hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Photography by Jeff Simone


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