Winter Fashion Ideas & Shopping your Wardrobe

I’ve never been one to spend large amounts of money on clothes. Skincare maybe, but I’d always take my money to a vintage store and get something that I really liked instead of giving in to fast fashion. Where I have spent a bit more, I felt it was worth it as there are a few pieces you need to invest in, like boots, a winter jacket etc. but they’ve still been high street buys. There are plenty of affordable brands out there which offer amazing quality goods. So why not save your bucks by finding good quality pieces that do not break the bank. A few weeks ago, I unpacked my autumn/winter stash from last year and I’ve been living in them this month. I must say that I’ve been quite impressed by these high street brands as all the pieces featured are still in pretty good shape. Yes, it’s not very exciting to wear the same pieces again and again but I prefer the frugality of shopping my own wardrobe. Hopefully this post will inspire you to shop your own stash as well. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make any new purchases this season, it just means you’re buying only what you need and saving that extra bit of cash for something else. We all need to be conscious consumers as the drive towards impulse buys and fast fashion has become so great, especially in the blogging world. Who needs it! Save all your money and go travelling instead. There’s always a better way to spend your hard earned pennies. So here’s what I pulled out of my autumn/winter wardrobe this year.

Topshop Jeans


I don’t know how long I’ve had these jeans but mahn have I got the bang for my buck on this one. These black skinny jeans are pretty worn out, but if they’re not actually ripped, I’m still wearing them. I purchased these Joni jeans at Topshop South Africa and they sure have come a long way, literally. I thought I was done with them as I packed them away in the summer and opted for a light wash of denim, cropped at the ankle, you know the trend, but now that my ankles need to be covered as the snow falls, I just popped this skinny in the wash and I’m back at it. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since I pulled it out of my wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier now that I don’t need to spend money on new denim.

H&M Knitwear

H&M seems to be the place where I like to get my knits from. Maybe it’s the price that I find reasonable that makes it my go-to but I’ve really been religious in wearing their knitwear in the colder months. They wash really well so they last a long time. I also go for the cozier ones so I always feel comfortable in them. I pulled a couple of knits out of my cupboard as the mornings got a bit chilly and now I’m in no rush to shop for new ones. I’m just really happy with the way they look 3 seasons later.


Korean Knitwear

I’d be lying if I say I don’t spend money at Korean clothing stores. This particular jersey I bought at a small shop in Hongdae. I forgot the name of it, as usual. But I bought this chunky knit last fall and it’s the warmest jersey I’ve ever owned. It’s super cosy and comfortable, rather soft for the Korean high street and just a perfect winter knit. Again, this has lasted me well for 2 solid seasons and I’ll be wearing it more and more as the temperature drops.

I love styling this jersey under a blazer. I feel like all of my winter clothes are awfully casual so it’s nice to pop an over sized blazer over it to make it look slightly different.

Zara Jacket

Ahh Zara, the place I spend the most money and still justify it every time. Zara is without a doubt the place I turn to when I need a jacket and boy have I spent some money here. But seeing as the Korean winter is so brutal, investing in a good jacket is life. And when you find one, you literally wear it everyday. I bought this parka last winter and it saved me from the bone cold winter here in Seoul. I’m surprised I’ve been wearing it this November but I guess winter came early this year. It’s quite a heavy piece but I’ll manage with the extra weight to ensure that I am extra warm. I feel like this was one of the best investments I’ve made clothing wise.



Uniqlo Heat Tech Range

How would I live without Uniqlo? Probably the most important step when dressing in the colder months is starting off with some good heat tech pieces. I am an advocate for anything thermal and I am never without it come fall & winter. I constantly check Uniqlo’s jerseys and jackets, though I am yet to buy any, but this is a brand I trust for these harsh winters. Their heat tech range is also extremely affordable so I keep on stocking up season after season. You can never go wrong with some good thermal pieces.

  1. DSC07798

What are your favourite high street brands for some good winter deals? Share your favourites in the comments below! X

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