Catching the Sunrise in Seoul

There are so many things I wish I could do with my time and so many places I’d like to see but most of all, and I think inside of us all, is a person we’re striving to be. And there could be many facets within that alone, but building on your own character and marching to your own drum is not without its challenges. I start by saying this because, working on ourselves in all of its forms takes a lot. I’ve been guilty of trapping myself in a routine that keeps me busy days on end, but never fully satisfied. It leaves me tired and uninspired, which is rather sad considering that our lives are built on inspiration first, and action second, or is it the other way around? To me, being inspired is like a constant high driving me to do more of the things I love. I think an important part of this is actually going out and finding inspiration. It can take us a while to realise that inspiration doesn’t chase us, but we need to seek it. And when we do, we always find something more than we bargained for.


The past year has been a learning experience in keeping up with all of my responsibilities and still finding the time to chase my own goals. We tend to forget, as adults, that we need to feel joy in the things we do. Gratitude may play a large part in this as I’m sure we all get frustrated with our time at work or daily cleaning tasks that greet us at the door. But we also have the ability to solve our own problems. There’s nothing in this world that you can’t do. Everything is within your reach, you just need to be willing to jump for it. And when we do, that’s what makes us happy. And that’s what makes us stronger. Taking risks is frightening for all of us, but the fear of it doesn’t come close to mastering it.

sunrise (2)

In my most recent episode of Woe is Me where I sit and complain about how nothing is what I want it to be, I came across a saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes”. And because the answer was so simple, I began to make changes and in a short span of time, things started to turn around and I found something that I love doing. I must give a great deal of thanks to my friend and photographer, Jeff Simone, for his eagerness to catch the sunrise. It’s always great to have someone who pushes you out of complacency. It’s been almost 2 months of getting up at 5am and it’s given me the time I thought I never had. It’s made me more productive throughout the day and has given me such an energy boost that I crave the next sunrise, it’s like I want the day again, not necessarily to do it over, but to do it better, to go for something that I want and to actively seek it. It pushes me to make a sacrifice, no matter how small, to achieve something only I can see the benefits of. Because it’s something that I feel. It’s something that I need. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the sun come up. It revitalises you and your body just clocks in with it. It’s the perfect way to start the day.




I think I’ve always wanted to wander, to explore and to travel. I thought living abroad would be this quest you take on, an adventure, and for the most part it is just that, but when you stay in a place for a long time that becomes your new home. And we fall back into the everyday, the mundane. I think I’ve lost a bit of that spark to travel as I’ve made a life for myself in a new place. And when all that initial excitement disappears and you begin to settle in, just like that, you’re no longer a traveller. But the more thought I put into catching that sunrise, the more I wanted to discover. Suddenly, I was visiting places I had never been before and even the ones I had seen, had always looked differently in the morning light. There was that sense of curiosity again to find a different place, and a thrill in seeking it out. It’s given me the desire to travel again, to explore and to wander around, for there’s so much beauty in this world waiting to be found.






Photography by Jeff Simone

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