How to Style a Slip Dress in Fall/Winter

If you’re someone who’s not looking into buying clothes right now or just struggling to adjust your summer wardrobe in the colder months then hey, here’s a blog post for you! I’ve been pushing my current wardrobe to its limit by not adding anything new to it and seeing what ensemble I can throw on and still look presentable, and I think it’s working. You don’t have to put away your summer pieces just yet. Have a play around and see which pieces you can keep in your autumn collection before spending a buck! Here I’ve styled one of my favourite summer pieces, the slip dress, for autumn and I feel like I just created 3 brand new outfits!

Outfit 1 – A little bit of lace

This outfit is all about the details. As seen in the image below, the slip dress is not meant to be the statement piece. It’s there to add a bit of interest to what is usually a pretty standard outfit.

Photo by Yoon Dong Sun

You could just wear it without the slip but I guess that would be rather plain. It’s always the smallest details that make the biggest difference, like the way the lace peeps out at the bottom of the skirt. Not only does this add interest, but a light slip like this will add movement to the skirt, which is a much thicker fabric. I especially love how it drapes over the the skirt at the waist, again to add a flow and an effortless effect. I think the slip dress compliments this outfit in such a way that it actually makes the outfit what it is. I’ve worn this look to Seoul Fashion Week and I would definitely wear this for days when I want to feel a bit more jazzy, like I’ve made an effort.

Under Crema-04811

DDP & Layered-05168

Under Crema-04794

Outfit 2 – Black on Black (on black)

Certainly more prominent here is the same slip which looks more like a midi skirt. Rather moody for most of civilisation but I think this suits me just right. Black on black easily compliments anyone and it’s just the colour I am most comfortable in. I love this outfit for days when I want to look sophisticated without wearing anything figure hugging. There’s also something about an all black outfit and a bold lip that commands attention. It can make you feel quite strong and powerful.

The layers on this outfit are rather light. I’ve thrown on a wool pullover and a long black scarf to keep me warm in the falling temperatures. You can easily sport some thermal wear with this, either in vests or leggings as I’ve done here, and throw a coat over for colder days.




Outfit 3 – Chic on the Streets

This is my newest outfit idea and my favourite one too, purely because I think it’s the most creative. I’ve changed the slip to a black velvet dress which does make a difference when it’s cold out. Because this slip falls just under the knee, it’s not as long as I’d like it to be. So I added a long length skirt underneath to add length and warmth as well. The layers at the bottom give a lot of movement to the dress which seems to flow when you’re running around town. I’ve styled the slip over the same pullover as the previous outfit, proving (to myself mostly) the essentials of basics and their versatility. Then as an outer piece I’ve gone for a statement blazer to give a bit of structure to the outfit but at the same time, I like that it doesn’t takeover the entire look because the flowing layers at the bottom steals attention off the blazer.




Photography by Jeff Simone

Lace Slip Dress – INDIBRAND

Velvet Slip Dress – aland

Black Scarf -Jaju

Blazer – Blue

Boots – Caterpillar

Pullover – Uniqlo

Leggings – Uniqlo

*For items not listed above, either I can’t remember where I bought them from or they were gifts. Apologies!

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