Seoul’s Street Style Inspired my Outfits

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things

Recently I’ve been trying out various coffee shops in Seoul for a blog series that I’m doing. I’ve stumbled upon a few amazing places and because I couldn’t wait another week to do my monthly roundup I thought I’d share some photos with you as more of a style post. Turns out, the outfits that I’ve worn here have become two of my recent favourites and just overall an effortless look that  does lean classic but still keeps in with what’s on trend.

pink car

The forever trendy plaid blazer is sweeping the streets of Seoul and I’m biting at my fingers not to buy one and camouflage into the crowd, but when I saw this particular blazer, I was sold. It’s not checkered or plaid (apparently they are different prints) but it is oversized and has shoulder pads which just makes me giggle inside. I’m basically reliving the 90’s dream. But put your trends aside, because this blazer I’m sure would become a staple in my wardrobe. It just makes any outfit look effortlessly chic, so whether you style it with jeans or slip dresses, culottes even – this blazer has you covered. Probably the most exciting purchase I’ve made in a while.

Scarves – Jaju, Sunnies – Myeongdong, Blazer – Blue (Hongdae), Crew neck – I can’t remember (sorry!), Jeans – Zara, Boots – Caterpillar

Speaking of staples, my never ending love for a white shirt has got me inspired this fall. I’m just not ready to let it go. The cold may have my bones but fashion has my soul! Okay, dramatic moment over, I’ve recently been wearing it with a basic black pullover and my love for that collar is insane! Bring out all your french dreams and make them happen because this look is pretty classic. I love to pair them with distressed jeans (maybe not so classic) to elevate the denim and also just to make the outfit more versatile. Wear it from errands to meetings, work to dinner, day to night – you could say it’s an all purpose outfit. Throw a coat over it in the colder seasons and voila, you’re french girl is out the door!


White Shirt – Roem, Black Pullover – Uniqlo, Handbag – A gift from South Africa crema4You can find my coffee series linked below along with my most recent style post. Have a great day! 🙂

The Coffee Collection & Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things


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