Autumn Outfit Inspiration – Sweater Weather, Blazers & Things

I think I may have romanticised the moment fall arrived a bit too much. We just got hit with single digit temperatures in the mornings so sweater weather is finally here! At first, layering pieces seemed like a dream but the bitter cold mornings have me grabbing every item of clothing all at once. I am all eyes for the ongoing blazer trend and I am determined to wear my blazers in any way that I can. Luckily, I kept this ugly jersey from last season (okay it’s not that ugly) to layer under a jacket and over some much needed heat tech. To my surprise, I really love this outfit and how it all came together.

fall look

The outfit was shot in the ever beautiful, picturesque hanok village in Seoul, a place I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time. If you’re unfamiliar with Korean architecture, which I am as well, hanok is the Korean word used for their more traditional style of housing.  The Bukchon Hanok Village is a residential area in Seoul where all of the houses comprise of these hanoks (if that is the plural form) and it overlooks the city’s skyscrapers. So essentially you get to see the traditional architecture up close as well as the modern city in the distance.

I think all the hanok villages around Korea have received much attention from tourists all over the world. I hear the area gets packed with visitors so we decided to shoot as early as possible to view the sunrise over the city. Now coming from a touristy area myself, in Cape Town, and being exposed to so many visitors taking pictures in my area, it felt a bit uneasy for me to be there. It’s hard to explain, but I think all tourists everywhere should be particularly mindful when visiting residential areas that have become tourist sights. Privacy of the local residents must be respected at all times and any laws, rules and customs in that particular area must be followed. I sincerely hope our time there didn’t upset or disturb any single one of the village’s residents.

Photos taken at sunrise – we found the light!

The outfit itself was inspired by the brownish hues from the hanoks. I wanted something that was relevant, yet fell in place with the landscape. There were a couple of individual pieces that I thought would work. The pashmina was one of them. Its colour palette is perfectly autumnal with browns, reds and golds mixed in a beautiful pattern. Nothing too scratchy on the neck and provides enough warmth for the season. Then the mustard jersey which I was hesitant about at first, simply because of my love-hate relationship with it. I find its slobby nature perfect for days when I just want to be cozy at home but to leave the house makes me feel like a bit of a mess.

The blazer was the piece I really wanted to wear. It’s oversized, neutral and right on trend. I never thought this would work and I initially put them together because of the drop in temperature but I did not expect to love it this much. I love how the chic blazer gives structure to a more slouchy jersey, and the combination may be my favourite part of this look. Not to mention, the stark colour difference and how the denim and grey tones of the blazer and head scarf tied everything together so that not one single piece was the centre of attention. I think I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone with this one and maybe that’s what finding your style is all about.

A few of these photos were taken in Samcheongdong, a neighbourhood right by the Bukchon Hanok Village.

Headscarf – Jaju, Blazer – Blue (Hongdae), Jeans – Zara, Boots – Caterpillar, Pashmina – South Africa, Sunnies – Myeongdong

fall look (3)

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