Modest Summer Outfits & Turban Hijab Styles

This month in outfits has been a series of surprising events. We had hoped for cooler temperatures and sweater weather considering it is, you know, October, but the heat is still with us here in Seoul. And every time I think it’s going to leave us it always comes back! So here’s not much inspiration of jackets or knits, just the ongoing confusion and transitional pieces. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Summer’s in the Air

You can take a jumper wherever you go but chances are you’d regret the excess baggage. Walking through these fields of flowers had made me question whether I was wearing enough sunscreen.



Outfit Details: Scarf – Jaju, Shirt – Roem, Skirt – Wonderplace, Boots – Caterpillar, Sunnies – Myeong-dong.

Pretty Streets of Seoul

This look was inspired by the fountain in Myeong-dong and a picturesque street view nearby. I love these nooks that offer something different to the overwhelming signs and neon lights which seem to takeover most of the city’s streets. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find something new.


Outfit Details: Scarf – Jaju, Top – Subway station, Skirt – Uniqlo, Shoes – My ballet shoes.

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