The Autumn Collection

My autumn collection is here – A capsule of makeup items to suit any autumnal look. My main focus in designing this collection stemmed from the ever changing leaves, bringing in that rich colour selection to the eyes, lips & cheeks. This is more of a classic autumnal makeup look, which can be tailored to a more subtle everyday look easily, by using a lighter hand. It’s my most worn look for the past month and I’ve included some of my favourite items too, things I would use year round, that is in essence, a capture of my own personal look. So let’s begin shall we?

makeup (8)

Starting off with the eyes, if they’re there to mesmerise then finding the right shades to bring out your natural eye colour is what we’re looking for. I have hazel eyes which do lean brown, so I’m enjoying using colours to bring out the green in them. Reddish browns or rusty colours can do the trick or a bit of purple tones will really emphasis the colour I’m looking for. For an everyday palette I’ve chosen two shades that I find more wearable, provided that they blend in seamlessly.

makeup (3)

The Mac antiqued shadow might ring a bell as it’s one of their more noticeable shades. Everything about this shadow sings to me. It’s a beautiful cool toned rust shadow with a bit of shimmer to it. I love applying it on the centre of the lid to add a bit of dimension to the eye, with the following matte shadow as a colour wash.

makeup (4)

Yes, Innisfree do good eye shadows. Ever so popular Korean road shop brand Innisfree has amazed me in the past with their skincare, so I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased a couple of matte shadows and found them to be of my favourites. This shade in particular, doesn’t look like much in the pan, but seriously packs a punch on the lid. I’ve fallen for this warm brown shadow so much that I wear it almost every day as a wash of colour. I also prefer a warmer tone eye look so seeing that the Mac shadow is cool toned, I love the warmth that this shadow brings.


Speaking of warmth, this is the year I’ve dabbled in bronzer. Or rather, a specific palette that has me converted. The Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin shading palette is most certainly worth all its hype. With three shades in the palette ready for your contouring dreams, or mine at least, I’ve found love in a hopeless place. A bit dramatic? Let me convince you – it has a warm brown shade which does not lean orange nor red. It does what we hope all bronzers would do – warm up the face without us looking orange.

makeup (1)

Now the cooler contouring shade will suit you better if you are on the fairer side. Unfortunately, the palette only comes in one shade, as is the issue with most K-Beauty finds. But it is a very cool toned shade which does provide that shadow for you to sculpt out those cheekbones. A heavy hand is not required as a again, with the Innisfree shadow, it is surprisingly pigmented, considering more natural looking Korean makeup trends. All of these products can be easily built up or watered down depending on how you prefer your makeup to look.

makeup (6)

As for blush, I’ve gone with another Korean brand. The VDL festival blusher in Marsala adds a nice bit of warmth to the cheeks. I love to add just a little bit on the apples to give a flush to the face.

makeup (9)

As for lips, my favourite lipstick this year has been the Mac Lip Intensity lipstick in Dionysus. It’s a beautiful fall shade with its plum hue to give off that autumn vibe. I’ve been using this lipstick almost everyday just lightly patting it onto my lips for a bit of colour. I don’t usually wear dark shades if they are not matte but I had to make an exception with this one. It lives in my jeans pocket and it’s not only a perfect fall shade, but my perfect lip colour.

makeup (2)

If you’re not into plum shades or purple hues and are more keen on rich reddish browns then I’ve included this Sleek lipstick in Vamp. The formula is not a favourite of mine but the colour is beautiful when it’s full on the lips. Here, I’ve just patted a little bit onto my lips to make it more wearable for the daytime.tom fordAnd what is autumn without our deeper darker scents lingering around us. This fall/winter season I’ve amped up my Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille with its more masculine counterpart Tobacco oud, which makes me think of old books and leather couches with a cigar left burning out on a coffee table. Well that’s how I imagine it of course. What’s your favourite fragrance this season?makeup (8)

And what would you choose for your own Autumn Collection?




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