An Anxious Mind

I don’t know when it starts. Just this feeling comes over me and suddenly things have changed. Suddenly it’s not right anymore. You go through everything and it feels just the same. There’s no event, no trigger, just the images dancing around your mind as if you’re still lost there, still scared there. Now there’s heaviness placed on your chest so tightly that makes it hard to breathe. Like the moment after you swallow a pill and the anxiety rises up within you. It’s inside of you. Something you thought was hidden that crept through and you don’t even know what it is, a memory you’re too scared to have revealed. You’d rather not know the truth. But suddenly it’s there, when you wake up and your back’s pressed flat against the mattress, paralyzed by the fear that you’re stuck in this. You’re checking flights like there’s some place to go, still running on the myth of a home and in a scurry of internet scrolls of soaring figures, hunger pains hit at the pit of your stomach and have you feeling helpless. You can’t remember the day or the time zone you’re on, when your last meal was. Life’s a blur of time that came too soon but takes too long. And the images keep dancing…on and on.






20170211_172400Location: Namsan Seoul Tower




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