Simple Summer Skin

Okay. It’s hot. Real hot. And I’m not going to start complaining about a harsh monsoon season because let’s face it, things can be much worse. Instead, I’ll just run through the few products I’ve been using to protect my skin and keep it looking hydrated this summer.

Eye cream

Yip! For someone in their late 20s exposed to harsh rays and restless summer nights, not to mention the plethora of stress related tasks we handle on a day to day basis, all of this can creep up in not-so-fine-lines around the eyes making us look older than need be. Using an eye-cream everyday has helped me to reduce stress in that ultra sensitive area, making fine lines less visible and the under eye more hydrated. Also, hydrated skin just looks more youthful.


I’ve been using the Origins GinZing eye cream for over a month and I’ll most certainly continue with it until every bit of cream is scraped out of that pot. It’s quite a light cream, in comparison to the Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye treatment which I’ve used before, and in the summer I think it’s great! Nothing heavy around the eye, light but hydrating,  it’s a keeper.



Ahh I’ve finally found the mother of all sunscreens and I am in love with it (yes, that is sad). This Missha all round safe block which has spf50 pa+++ and all the hype in the world is perfect for my dehydrated skin. Because it’s an “essence sun milk”, it’s quite light in consistency and adds a lovely glow to the skin. Also, it does not break me out. I’m on my second tube and I even have a back-up. There’s not much to say about it other than it checks all my boxes. I dislike mattifying sunscreens and ones which leave a white cast and this Missha essence sun milk does none of that. It also works well with other products, either in applying layers or mixed in with other bases. I especially love mixing it with my Heliocare tinted sunscreen (#thesunisamonster) which has a thicker consistency but a beautiful payoff so mixing the two together makes the Heliocare sunscreen more blendable on application.


So for days when I want to even out my complexion, I’ll either use the Heliocare color gelcream (the official name) on its own, because it’s spf 50 or I’ll mix it with the Missha sun milk for a smoother application. Either way, my skin is being protected and it’s glowing. Definitely worth the hype!



If we are going by the logic that the lighter the consistency the better, then Clinique’s moisture surge takes the cake. To be honest, for an out of summer season, I would not use this moisturiser as my skin is rather dehydated in general. I would much prefer and recommend it’s amped up partner in crime, the moisture surge intense, which is an old favourite and leaves my skin super soft and supple. But seeing that it is sweating weather (see what I did there? jokes!) I opted for the lighter version and mahn is this a light moisturiser. It absorbs so easily into the skin it feels as if there’s nothing there, but it still leaves my skin feeling a little bit plump. And since I’m adding a sunscreen topically, I find the combination effortless.

So that’s it. Light layers of natural looking skin and concealer just where you need it. Done!

What are your skincare picks this summer? ☀


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