Untitled – A Poem

I miss the days

we sat and sipped coffee

– in the summer rain. The days

when your t-shirt clung to your back on a damp spot,

the bitter taste of consequence,

the aftermath of bliss.

I miss

The wooden floor

where we ran through dancing

around the house, with the large open windows

where the sunlight poured in.

the coffee mug steaming on the granite table.

You take a sip – and leave

a damp rim which stains the surface

I see the curtain flowing endlessly from the afternoon breeze

I still see

the tip-toeing of my bare feet before it moved to awkward places.

The light, the laughter

but the pain stood and waited. There by the door,

it barged in.

And I ran through the hallway shrieking.

Past the mugs, past the floor

And my hips hit the ground

in agony – the truth fell over me.

How many truths before we tell a lie


How many lies before we see the truth.


Eyes open,

Eyes shut

You look the same.


All the laughter, all the light,

A stain remains.




Jacket – Zara

Location – Itaewon, Seoul



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