How I wish I looked

A style post on how I never look when I leave the house! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Laughing! I wish I left the house laughing but who does that? No-one! Because that’s weird.
I’m going to pretend my head isn’t this large in real life but how many of you wish you had clean hair everyday? For someone who washes hair regularly I find it strange that I hardly ever go out with clean hair. OK, I lie, I never wash my hair.
Aah clutch bags are so sophisticated but where would I keep my tub of handcream and 10 lipglosses that I never use?
Those heels though! Pity I can’t walk in them or even slip my feet into them without screaming out of agony.
Outfil Details: Sheer Blouse and Shoes – Somewhere in Korea, Skirt – Babette, Cape Town, Clutch – Bought off a trader in Cape Town who sells merchendise made in prisons (No joke!)

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