Broken Down Palace

I came across a land so desolate and undignified in nature, it saddened me. The way a man beheads a tree bleeding its life into the earth that sorrow befalls the garden, and the insects scramble back into the underground seeking refuge in its dirt. And I watch the sun’s rays through the yellowness of the leaves that I know is green – but the light! Oh the light makes everything extraordinarily beautiful. And through the light I see some windows of shattered glass and burnt wood of a house that no longer serves as a habitat. And just like that, this old tortured looking victim of man’s cruelty and indiscretion for sanctity was made to me, mesmerising, how these yellow leaves sparkle and bedazzle this broken down palace. I read a quote somewhere about seeing beauty even when it’s not pretty and thought, God that’s true. Look how nature beautifies these decaying structures, fragments of things that were, but is no more. And standing at the remains, at the all-encompassing decomposition of hope, at the feeling of loss of those who tread here, all I see is the light. And all I think is – this is beauty!



DSCF2858DSCF2862Photos were taken in Cape Town, South Africa. The excerpt was written upon reflection of the featured image, which was actually taken on a separate day. The last two images in which I’m featured were taken by Zainab Salie.


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